‘Vanity’ Vally Wieselthier


 ‘Vanity’ Lady with Monkey, a rare Art Deco figure designed by Vally Wieselthier and made by the porcelain factory Augarten in Vienna. A lithe young lady in pose wearing a tight-fitting carelessly held together costume and cake hat, a grinning monkey nestling against her feet. On a flat oval base.

Valerie Wieselthier (1895-1945) was born to a Jewish family in Vienna and went on to study at the Vienna School of Applied Arts with Rosalinda Rothhansl, Kolo Moser, Josef Hoffmann, and Michael Powolny. She ran her own ceramic workshop producing designs for the Wiener Werstatte, Goldscheider and the newly founded Augarten porcelain factory.

The piece is marked on the base with the underglaze blue shield mark Wein Augarten Vienna Handpainted, painters number 234 and impressed model number 1517. 

Height 23 cm 

Factory first quality

Condition: Excellent, no damages to the porcelain, checked with UV light.

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