An early porcelain model of a Dachshund by the German factory Nymphenburg.

“Only a dachshund can wear such a stoic expression. Especially when it is a high-born one. The sculptress Wera von Bartels understood that when she immortalised this self-confident male in porcelain in 1906. The model for this masterfully executed sculpture was “Labori 2nd of Bergsteig”, a prizewinning male dachshund, whose photo went round the world in the form of a postcard.”

Listed in “Nymphenburger Moderne” Minerva edition

Impressed Nymphenburg shield to base with incised numbers 167  lll

A large piece sitting 18.5 cm high x 23 cm long

Condition : Excellent, no damages to the porcelain, checked with UV light.

Smaller size available today at Nymphenburg.com

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In stock


The Nymphenburg Factory, Munich


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