Wall mask “Arab”


An Original Art Deco Wall Mask from the Goldscheider company, listed in the catalogue of works by Dechant and Goldscheider, modelled in 1937 by Kurt Goebel.

This extremely rare piece is absolutely stunning. Named “Araberin”, the beautiful face is hooded in a lace painted cloak, hiding her black curls, and held back by an elegant ring finger.

Hand made in white clay, only used during the 1920s/30s. 

Printed marks to base Goldscheider Wein Made in Austria.

Impressed model number 7813 / 3

Height 32 cm 

Condition: Excellent, slight glaze crazing and on the back a slight chip at the top of the cloak.

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Goldscheider Ceramics

The ” Goldscheider Porzellan-Manufactur und  Majolica-Fabrik ” was founded in 1885 by Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna. Within a short period of time Goldscheider earned wide international acclaim together with notable awards and established itself as a leading ceramic company first in Vienna and soon throughout Europe. With international branches opening in Paris, Leipzig, Berlin and Florence Friedrich’s sons Walter and Marcell were able to further expand the business in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Goldscheider was setting the standards and style for Art Déco ceramics with an enormous success all over the world – creating some of the most beautiful and striking models which continue to be very much in demand to the present day. Only the rise of Hitler and fascism could have halted the unique artistic and business achievements of the Viennese family.

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Sculptors for Goldscheider

Stefan Dakon 1904-1992 Vienna, one of the most important designers of ceramic wall masks and figures for Goldscheider and Keramos, worked in close association with Lorenzl;

Klara Herczeg/Claire Weiss 1906-1997, Hungarian artist who designed 65 figures for GoldscheiderRudolf Kaesbach 1873-1955, Berlin sculptor who produced a few figures for the Goldscheider factory;

Rudolf Knorlein 1902-1988 Vienna, famous for his colours and new glazes at Weiner Werkstatte and Gumunder Keramik, also Goldscheider;

Josef Lorenzl 1892-1950 Vienna, master designer his figures of women epitomise the art deco era;

Ida Meisinger 1897-1985 Viennese sculptor at Goldscheider;

Charlotte Monginot 1872-1962, French sculptor in marble and plaster, Goldscheider Paris; 

Rudolf Podnay 1876-1963 Viennese Ceramist a partner at Keramos and Wiener Keramik;

Adolf Prischl 1912-1970 Vienna, models for Goldscheider and Keramos until 1947 when he set up his own factory;

Kurt Goebel 1906 – 1991 Vienna, part of the Wiener Secession movement, set up his own factory in 1936 Vienna.

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