Stefan Dakon


An Original Art Deco wall mask from the Keramos Ceramics factory Vienna, Austria 

An unusual white clay wall mask – a lady with brown curly hair, bright red lips and white scarf. Designed in the 1930s by Stefan Dakon.

Printed factory marks Keramos Wien,  Made in Austria, dates to circa 1940.

Model number 1225

Height 28 cm x 15 cm

Condition: Excellent, no damages to the ceramic, checked with UV light, no crazing to the glaze.

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Keramos Ceramics

The company Keramos was one of two companies. The first was founded at the end of 1919 on the initiative of the three ceramists Rudolf Wolf, Heinrich Wolf and Ludwig Rys, who had become invalids in the First World War. In September 1920, production began. Art ceramic lamps, figures, vases and tins were produced.

The second Keramos company a Viennese art ceramics and porcelain manufactory was founded in 1920. Josef Hoffmann was for a long time a partner of the Keramos, as well as the dedicated sculptor Rudolf Podany, who created a large number of designs. From 1921 Anton Klieber was hired, who was also responsible for a large part of the models.

Around 1924, both companies were merged and converted into an AG, commercial director was Otto Köller, the technical directors were the brothers Rudolf and Heinrich Wolf.

Keramos triangle brand.

Around 1932, 50 employees were employed and a larger number of models were taken over by Eduard Klabena and the dissolved Wiener Werkstätte. The works that were created at Keramos were named after 1941 with their company brands. 

Stefan Dakon (1904–1992)

Dakon was an Austrian artist who worked in close association with Josef Lorenzl, producing many exciting bronze figurine sculptures of the Art Deco period. Dakon’s models were used among others by members of the association of bronze producers “Wiener Bronzen” (“Vienna Bronze”), as well as by the famous ceramics manufacturer Goldscheider from Vienna. He also designed models for the Austrian ceramics manufacturer Keramos.

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