Mocca Service Melone


Probably the most famous service of the Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten was designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1929. In keeping with Art Deco taste, visible in the fluted wall of the cups, the Mokkaservice, Form 15 “Melone” is today a modern classic of twentieth-century Austrian ceramics, and is available in many color versions.

Mocca cup and saucer in Black and White

Stamped blue beehive on base Augarten Wien Austria

Size: 0.05L

Condition: Excellent, no damages to the porcelain.

Retail price: € 299,00

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Augarten Porcelain factory

In 1923 the porcelain factory moved to Augarten Castle, where it still is today. Established under the new name “Augarten”, its ethos was to continue the tradition of the former Imperial manufactory while also making room for fresh ideas. Receptive to modern trends, the factory produced designs by contemporary artists including Josef Hoffmann, Michael Powolny, Franz von Zülow, and other representatives of the Vienna Workshops (Wiener Werkstätte). Today, cooperation with well-known artists continues to shape the company’s style and feed its unique flair for combining the traditional with the modern.

Josef Hoffman 1870 – 1956 – German Architect

Hoffman studied under Otto Wagner in Vienna and in 1899 joined in the founding of the Vienna Secession, which, although influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, was more modernist than Wagner’s approach. Beginning in 1899 he taught at the School of Applied Arts, Vienna, and participated in the establishment of the Vienna Workshop, a centre for arts and crafts, which he directed for some 30 years.

Josef Hoffmann designed the world renowned mocca service ” Melone ” in 1929. Hoffmann was one of the greatest designers of the 20th century along with Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner.

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