Aladdin and the Magic Lamp


Set of 12 Rosenthal Aladdin plates designed by Bjorn Wiinblad.

They tell the story of Aladdin, a Middle-Eastern folk tale 1001 Nights. The impoverished young man Aladdin is recruited by a sorcerer from the Maghreb (who passes himself off as the brother of Aladdin’s late father) to retrieve a wonderful oil lamp from a booby-trapped magic cave. After the sorcerer attempts to double-cross him, Aladdin finds himself trapped in the cave. Fortunately, Aladdin retains a magic ring lent to him by the sorcerer. When he rubs his hands in despair, he inadvertently rubs the ring, and a djinni appears, who takes him home to his mother. Aladdin is still carrying the lamp, and when his mother tries to clean it a second far more powerful djinni appears who is bound to do the bidding of the person holding the lamp. With the aid of the djinni of the lamp, Aladdin becomes rich and powerful and marries princess Badroulbadour, the Sultan’s daughter. The djinni builds Aladdin a wonderful palace – far more magnificent than that of the Sultan himself. 

Each wall plate measures 17 cm diameter.

The following plates are available at £20.00 each

motif #I Aladdin and the miracle lamp SOLD
motif #II Naughty boy Aladdin plays with the street urchin
motif #III Aladdin meets the Magician
motif #IV Aladdin locked up in the charm garden SOLD
motif #V The spirit of the ring flies Aladdin out of the charm garden
motif #VI Aladdin sees the beautiful princess
motif #VII The spirit of the lamp appears to the mother of Aladdin
motif #VIII The mother of Aladdin brings the fruits of the charm garden to the Sultan
motif #IX Aladdin rides to the Sultan to introduce himself
motif #X The spirit of the Lamp builds a castle for Aladdin
motif #XI Aladdin marries the beautiful daughter of the Sultan
motif #XII And they lived long and happily ever after

Gold lettering on the back of each plate – signed Bjorn Wiinblad

Wonderful condition, no damage to the porcelain, gilding perfect.


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In stock


Bjorn Wiinblad              

Danish artist, illustrator, and ceramicist Bjørn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1918. He studied graphic arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1943. In 1946, Wiinblad joined Nymølle, a Danish pottery manufactory (which Wiinblad would eventually take ownership of in 1976). He opened his own design studio in 1952, and shortly after began designing for the German porcelain company Rosenthal. Wiinblad was appointed Rosenthal’s chief designer in 1957, a position that allowed him to travel across Europe while achieving international recognition. 

Even though Bjørn Wiinblad was Copenhagen born and bred, and had trained in Copenhagen, his style was anything but Danish, and while functionalism ruled the roost in Denmark, Bjørn Wiinblad went the other way, espousing a style dominated by wavy lines, bright colours and romantic worlds.

He soon developed his art from ‘just’ drawing to include ceramic art as well. It is said that his work illustrating the ‘1001 Nights’ inspired him to draw a variety of ceramic objects such as vases and pots decorated with themes from the fairy tales.

Wiinblad taught himself a variety of ceramic techniques, and from there he expanded his vigorous talent for creation and delight in art to encompass ‘all platforms’: tapestries, complete furnishing designs for hotels, etc. – not to mention grill tables, cutlery, porcelain and matching glassware, fabrics, posters and more.

Wiinblad did not leap randomly from one object to the next. It was more a matter of an ongoing process, in which one object pointed to the next, and where Wiinblad’s curiosity served to reinforce the flow.

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