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Armadillo is a Spanish word meaning “little armored one” and refers to the bony plates that cover the back, head, legs, and tail of most of these odd looking creatures.

This gorgeous ceramic Armadillo was modelled at the Ronzan factory in Bassano Italy between 1942 and 1949. 

Model # 1648

Giovanni Ronzan and his brothers founded the Ronzan factory in Turin late 1930s shortly after he had left his job as chief painter and ceramic modeller at the Lenci factory.

During the war the factory moved to Bassano in the Venetto region of northern Italy.

This large piece of Ronzan ceramic wildlife art depicts a superb life like armadillo being fully modelled in the round, 37 cm long by 17.5 cm high and is marked with the Ronzan factory stamp used in Bassano during the 1940s. 

Condition: Excellent, no damages to the ceramic, checked with UV light, no crazing to the glaze.

A true collectors piece.

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